Nurse Minor Illness Clinics




Our nurses are able to see many minor illness conditions that you may have traditionally seen a doctor about. We offer these clinics every day and are mostly at the Bury Knowle site. They are reserved each day for urgent problems and thus are not pre-bookable. To see one of the nurses, in the first instance complete an eConsult form online or if you have difficulties doing this please call one of our Patient Advisors for further advice.

For conditions that are unable to be seen by the nurses, these will need appointments via other means, such as your GP, Pharmacist etc.

A nurse


Nurse Minor Illness Clinics for Patients over the age of 6 months

Conditions that can be seen

Conditions unable to be seen

Allergies/Allergic Reactions Abdominal Pain
Asthma Back Pain
Athlete’s Foot Blood Tests if Phlebotomist is in
Blocked Ear (Assessment not syringing) BP Checks
Block Nose Chest Pain (Any Age)
Bruising Conditions under GP Review
Burns and Scalds Conditions present for over 7 days
Cellulitis Conditions where patient has already
been seen by a nurse (except for reviews)
Chest Infections Fitting/Seizures
Common Cold/Cough Headache with no related illness or injury
Cold Sores Migraines
Conjunctivitis Mental Health Problems/Low Mood
Constipation (First Episode) Non Painful Lumps
Cystitis Piles
Dental Pain/Mouth Ulcers Pregnancy Related Issues
Earache PV Bleeding/ PR Bleeding
Emergency Contraception Repeat Prescriptions
Foreign Body Routine Dressings
Hayfever Swabs
High Temperature Sick Notes
In Grown Toenails Testicular Pain
Insect Bites and Stings Weakness in the Elderly
Local Infection or Abscess/Boil
Minor Injury
Post-Op Wound Check
Shortness of Breath
Skin Problems (Including Eczema, Rashes etc)
Sore Throat
Suspected Urinary Tract Infection
Thread Worm
Tummy Upset
Wounds/Laceration (Not Leg Ulcers)