Online Access




Accessing Your Medical Record Online

You can access key parts of your medical record online, including test results and medications, through one of two options; Patient Access or the NHS App. You can use these services to:

  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • View your upcoming appointments/cancel appointments. 
  • View your medical record including test results, recent consultations, diagnoses, immunisations and documents.
  •  View your COVID-19 vaccination status

Register to use NHS App: NHS App and your NHS account.

The easiest way to get access is to create an NHS login through the NHS app. Although you can also access your GP records via the internet on a computer, the first bit is easiest if done through a smartphone. If you don’t have one, you may have a family member or friend you trust who can help you.

Register to use Patient Services: Patient Access 

Once you have registered for online services, the practice will receive a notification via the GP clinical system. We aim to send back confirmation and any linkage key information required within 5 working days of receiving the notification you have signed up for online access.

You can also ask your practice receptionist, who will provide you with a form to complete but you’ll need some proof of who you are, eg a passport, driving licence or household bill.

As your GP practice, we have been asked to provide you with, no later than 31 October 2023, access to your full medical record going forward via the NHS app (and NHS website) if you have a suitable NHS login - please read on for more details.