Training Practice

We are accredited as a Training Practice for GP Registrars, hospital doctors and medical students – accreditation is a marker of high quality clinical and organisational practice. GP Registrars come to us for their final year of training to become registered as GPs. Registrars are fully qualified doctors who have been gaining experience in hospital medicine and we value the opportunity of helping to develop the family doctors of the future. Our trainers are Dr Justin Amery and Dr Andrew Collins. Dr Ruth Imrie and Dr Shameq Sayeed are currently preparing to become trainers.

We train Specialty Training (ST) doctors, also fully qualified, who may then return to hospital medicine as specialists – this is part of a new programme to give all young doctors experience of medicine in the community setting. We also teach Oxford University medical students and they may occasionally sit in during consultations – we always ask your permission before allowing them to see you, so if you would rather see your doctor alone, please feel free to decline.
Our doctors occasionally video their consultations for learning purposes. If you object to your consultation being recorded, please let us know.