Social Prescribing




Who is a Social Prescriber?

A Social Prescriber is someone who uses a strength-based approach to increase people’s confidence to take control of their health and wellbeing. They work in partnership with people, actively listening to understand what matters to them from a holistic perspective (social and wider determinants of health), co-creating action plans and goals to meet their needs. This means they need to gain and maintain people’s trust and confidence.


How does Social Prescribing Team have been supporting the vulnerable patients during COVID?

Our Social Prescribing Team have been supporting to the vulnerable patients by:

  • assessing their needs during the COVID crises
  • linking the patient with appropriate COVID community response teams such as: City Council Community Hubs, Oxford Together volunteering service who helped vulnerable people for medication collection and food shopping, Oxford Health Mental Health Call Line, Barton Community Association any many other community response teams.

How to book a Social Prescribing session?

You can fill out an online patient triage form or call the surgery to requeste a Social Prescribing session. One of our Social Prescribers would contact you in 48 hrs.