Tests and Results


How and when to obtain test results from the surgery

We will only usually contact you if your test results are abnormal. We will either text, call or send a letter to inform you about the results or offer you an appointment to discuss further.

You can view your test results quickly and easily on the NHS app or via Patient Access. Please note your result will only be visible on these platforms once the GP has seen and filed your result.

Please allow at least a week after a blood test for the lab to process the test and your GP to see the result. X ray results are often available within 2 weeks but occasionally it may take longer than this.

If you are unable to obtain your results using these services then please submit an administrative query using Accurx

If you are unable to obtain your results by any of the above, please call the surgery on 01865 597023 between 10am and 2pm when the lines are likely to be quieter.

Please note our receptionists are not clinically trained so cannot give any further information about your results.

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