Prescriptions Requests Over The Telephone


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After many years of accepting repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone, like many other surgeries we have taken the decision to stop this service.

This is to ensure that prescriptions are issued to patients in a timely and safe manner. Taking orders over the phone can result in:

  • Staff getting distracted by other patients and forgetting to put the request through.
  • Similar sounding medications being misheard over the phone and the wrong item issued.
  • Receptionists being tied up on the phone preventing sick patients from accessing help

If for exceptional reasons you are unable to request your medication in any other way, our reception team will still be happy to help you.

Please see our prescriptions page for more information about the other ways of ordering your medication. The quickest and easiest way for most patients is to do this online. By ordering online there is no restriction as to when you can order, no waiting in a queue and less opportunities for error.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Hedena Health